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European Standard Baby Sitting Dubai Service                                      

  European Standard Baby Sitting Service in Dubai 

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Babysitting Dubai

Professional Babysitting in Dubai we are not just a Cleaning Company. We also Offer the following with our Babysitting and Nanny Service :

  • Professional | Reliable | Punctual
  • English Speaking
  • Trained Filipina Babysitters & Nannies
  • A Nanny and a Maid in one – Taking Care of your Children as well as Cleaning and doing their laundry

Choosing a Babysitter to look after your Kids can be a very daunting task, being Parents ourselves we understand taking Responsibility of Children is not a task to be taken lightly.

We have been in this Industry since a while and only employ the best Babysitters – with the majority of our Team being from the Philippines.

We have catered to thousands of Babysitting requests for Residents & Tourists, alike.


§  If you’re looking for a :

§  Part Time BabySitters On an Hourly Basis

§  Babysitters for the entire Weekend

§  Babysitters available in the Evenings / Overnight™ provides various types of babysitting services, tailored to the needs of your family. These services include Daytime Childcare, Evening Time Babysitting and Emergency Care™ babysitting services in Dubai are designed to provide you with a comprehensive set of childcare services in your house. While you enjoy your life with an assured peace of mind, while our trained babysitters take care of your child. From giving your child a bath to preparing delightful, healthy homemade meals.


We at™ also believe it is very imperative and curtail for children to stay busy as possible and live an active life to become social, we have this completely in mind our babysitting crew is trained to engage with your children in a tender yet informative way of playing their toys, storybooks and fun activities.

Our staff members are trusted childcare professionals who will strive to connect with and win the friendship of your child. We know that children are the most important people in the world to their parents. Therefore we will aim to match each child with a suitable babysitter who is trained and equipped to deal with the child´s needs.

All™ crew receive special training related to caring for children and babysitting principals In addition to our duty of care, we want to provide parents with the opportunity to attend work and social commitments while knowing that their children are in safe hands.


Types of Baby Sitting Service We Provide in Dubai 

Daytime Childcare

Daytime childcare babysitting service can be a casual (once off) or regular booking with a minimum of 3 hours per day. This plan is ideal when a parent has a regular commitment each week. It is also perfect for emergency care when children are too sick to attend daycare, kindergarten or school we can be the watching eye for your child while you are at work. this type of babysitting is quite often in Dubai many of our regular clients rely on us when this situation happens.


Evening Babysitting

This can also be a casual or regular babysitting booking. It is usually of four hours minimum duration and can involve the supervision of your child, providing dinner and putting them to bed (if required). When making arrangements for evenings make sure you book early to ensure availability of nannies, our nannies are very popular with both children and parents.


If you live in Dubai need a babysitter in Dubai or babysitting services in Dubai,™ is one of the best the companies to provide you with the best babysitting service in the vicinity of Dubai.


We helped 521 Families in Dubai during 2018 with our babysitting services


What Customers Has to Say about our Babysitting Service


"I am so pleased with Babysitting Crew I have tried two babysitters they were amazing with their help and the customer service was one of the best in Dubai. The peace of mind I had was worth much more than I paid. Keep on the great customer service"
- Sylvia J.

"Thank You! Very professional customer service team and the nanny. After using babysitting service for a while I have recommended them to my colleagues in Dubai."
- Perry Q.